Podcasts and presentations

The Psychology of Healthy Habits

4 March 2024 | The MediHerb podcast

In this episode, Sue discusses effective communication strategies to empower and motivate patients to make positive changes to meet their health goals. She discusses the psychology behind habits and how to nurture compassion and understanding for patients as they navigate their health journey.

Love languages: How do you show the love?

11 Feb 2024 | ABC Radio Canberra

It’s no surprise that we all express love in different ways. But do you know what it is that really cuts through for you? Are you familiar with different types of love languages? On Sunday Brunch, Kate Midena spoke to psychologist Sue Read to find out more about the different ways we can show love to those we care about.

Pause – Reflect – Reconnect: Preventing Burnout in Clinical Practice – Working with Emotion and the Body

26 August 2023 | Integria Symposium

In this session Sue explores the concepts of trauma informed practice and how this can be applied at a practical level in your work, as well as the importance of practitioner self-care when looking after patients with a trauma background.