Gratitude: why it helps with weight loss and your relationship with your body

Keep a gratitude journal

Spending a few minutes each day writing down three things you are grateful for is a great way to boost your appreciation for the little things in life, and indeed the big things as well. Think creatively – the little things could be a text message from a friend, hearing a joke that made you laugh out loud, a wonderful meal, or even the experience of spending 15 minutes doing something nurturing just for you. Research has shown that people who record gratitude every day are 25% more likely to be happier, more optimistic, and healthier than people who don’t. (David Hamilton, 2009)

Gratitude is good for us

When we take care of ourselves, we begin to expand (but not width ways!).  We have more energy, confidence, clarity and wisdom; we make better choices for ourselves.  As kindness to others and ourselves becomes easier, compassion occurs without thought and gratitude flows.

Gratitude enables us to appreciate ourselves, our lives, and others.

Gratitude helps our bodies produce “feel good” hormones that help us feel more relaxed, and more content.  This helps us turn off our “fight/flight/freeze” response and lowers stress hormones in our body.  This helps our metabolism function properly; we feel less stressed, less worried, less anxious.  This provides clarity and space to make good decisions for ourselves.

Some interesting websites:

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