Respect and Diversity at Work: Creating a Harassment Free Workplace

What is “Respect and Diversity”? What is Bullying? What is harassment?

Unfortunately bullying, discrimination and inappropriate behaviours at work are part of the culture of many Australian organisations, despite best efforts by employers, staff members, Government and legislation to combat them.

Bullying and harassment costs organisations dearly – not just in increased insurance premiums and litigation, but in increased absenteeism, lost productivity, high staff turnover and poor retention.  It can be damaging to an organisation’s reputation and potentially have serious consequences for employees, leading to illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

Respect and Diversity at Work is a half day seminar or one-day workshop designed to raise awareness for staff and managers, and assist to prevent and manage workplace bullying and harassment.  We can tailor the workshop to suit the needs of your organisation and we offer specific workshops for employees and for managers.

Respect and Diversity at Work workshops will:

  • Enable participants to define workplace harassment
  • Identify behaviours that constitute workplace harassment, discrimination and bullying
  • Identify what harassment and bullying is not
  • Understand the effects of bullying and harassment on the individual and organisation
  • Prevent and manage workplace harassment
  • Understand the responsibilities of employees and management
  • Know who to contact for help