Vicarious Trauma Awareness Training 

Wellbeing and resilience are strong predictors of workplace productivity and being able to bounce back quicker in response to difficult times and situations.

These events may trigger vicarious trauma, whereby people can be affected both psychologically and emotionally by such occurrences. It is important to acknowledge that vicarious trauma may occur in these circumstances.  

Vicarious Trauma Awareness workshops will help people gain an understanding of what is “normal worry” or “good stress” and the effects of excessive or extended worry and stress on our bodies and minds. We will explore ways to relax body and mind and discuss what participants can do differently that will help manage stress levels in the current working environment, with exploration of practical strategies to reduce the impacts of chronic stress and increase relaxation for peak performance. 

This session includes a review of Bootcamp for the Brain Key Concepts which will provide foundational resilience skills for participants leading into the Vicarious Trauma Awareness.

Participants will develop understanding of the following areas:

  • What is Vicarious Trauma and how does it occur?
  • Understanding the signs and symptoms of vicarious trauma
  • Vicarious trauma and the risks associated with it; 
  • The effect of trauma on the brain. 
  • How added stress can make you more vulnerable to Vicarious Trauma 
  • Empathy for the risks of exposure for themselves and others 
  • Develop an early warning system and practical strategies and skills in taking stock and self-care. 
  • Identify and practice practical strategies to assist in recovering from setbacks as well as improving productivity and building emotional resilience. 

Debriefing and critical incident