Debriefing and Critical Incident – Debriefing and Support 

This workshop  implements and embeds a variety of practical skills and techniques to appropriately support each other and develop de-briefing protocols to manage the impacts of challenging employee issues and situations.

Debriefing and Critical Incident workshops assist participants  to maintain their own resilience, well-being and good mental health with self-care strategies, boundary setting and prevention of vicarious trauma. 

The interactive and informative sessions will provide tools and strategies to assist teams and individuals to look after each other and will address the following components: 

Debriefing Training – Strategies and Tools 

This session helps participants to have compassionate and constructive conversations with members of the team during debriefing meeting while they maintain poise, calm and objectivity. Sometimes, we will find ourselves in situations where we will need to respond or witness the pain, distress, or suffering of another person. Such times can be difficult and a challenge to navigate helpfully.

The session will provide participants with the skills to confidently participate in debriefing meetings.

In this session participants will learn: 

  • Ways to identify the signs that people may need emotional support 
  • How to create psychological safety 
  • Techniques to respond to distress 
  • Communication skills for active, empathic and effective listening 
  • The limits of the role in providing support: rescuer v helper 
  • Skills to develop boundaries, limits and self-care strategies 
  • How to effectively provide support options and referral information for further assistance  
  • Develop individual self-care and energy management plans 

This workshop is delivered  with active learning scenarios, case studies and group practice and discussion.

Follow-up Session – Review of Learnings 

This session will provide the participants with an opportunity to attend a facilitated discussion to review learnings and discuss the implementation of the self-care and energy management plans developed in their Strategies and Tools session. We review the processes implemented by the team since the first session.