Health & Nutrition

The over-arching philosophy of Life Unlimited is about helping people gain “Optimal Health” – to enable our clients to be the best they can be and have the best life possible, socially, physically and psychologically.

We know that we can improve our responses to life’s challenges by taking care of our physical health, and that includes what we do with our bodies, what we fuel ourselves with and how we treat ourselves.  We don’t believe “deprivation” and traditional “dieting” are good for us or our health, so we developed our own approach to well-being and weight management.

Here at Life Unlimited we have developed a remarkable health and nutrition program, Ten in Ten.

What is Ten in Ten?

Ten in Ten is a unique, evidenced based health and weight management program that takes account of both your physical and psychological health.

Why “Ten in Ten”?

“Ten in Ten” refers to the fact that our clients can lose ten kilograms in ten weeks provided they follow our program exactly as we have developed it. What is different about “Ten in Ten” to other weight loss programs?  We focus on total health, not just weight loss. We help you to be accountable to yourself and your goals to bring sustainable life changes. With “Ten in Ten” you will:

  • Learn why you gain weight and why it has been hard to lose it in the past
  • Lose weight quickly and safely
  • Not be hungry
  •  Eat a wide range of foods that you enjoy preparing and eating
  •  Enjoy being active
  • Improve both your physical and psychological health
  • Be supported by qualified health professionals and trainers, together with people who are like-minded about their health and weight loss goals;

What do you need to do next?

Thank you for your interest in our Ten in Ten program!

Here at Life Unlimited we are dedicated to providing valuable and relevant content while helping you achieve your optimal health goals – our teams are currently working on a new version of Ten in Ten and hope to bring you all a fantastic new and improved program soon!

We do not have a current commencement date for the next installment of the program.

Please email to register your interest in upcoming Ten in Ten Programs.