What is Counselling? What Can I Expect?

Counselling at Life Unlimited involves active participation of both you and your counsellor.  We work with you to assess your needs and set goals.  Effective counselling is a process where you will work on managing problems and issues both in our office and at home.

The major aim of counselling is to assist you to live your life the way you want to live, in line with your goals and values.  Learning to be free of life-limiting problems is certainly one of the benefits of seeking help.

However, in undergoing counselling, you may need to take risks – to talk about the not-so-pleasant or troubling aspects of your life.  It’s quite normal to feel uncomfortable or upset.  You might feel hopeless or helpless for a time, and you might struggle with making decisions.

When people stick with their counselling treatment plan, though, they generally find that they have more rewarding social and family relationships, they are more able to resolve problems, they are happier, and better able to manage life’s ups and downs.

We usually allow up to 80 minutes for your first appointment.  During this session, we will support you to outline the issues or problems you are bringing to counselling.  We will also evaluate your counselling needs, and find out what your goals are.  This is so we can formulate a treatment plan for your counselling process.

After the first session, each appointment will be for 50 minutes.  We usually suggest a second appointment about a week after the first.  You might find that the frequency of appointments will change, depending on what your needs are. You might also have “homework” to do in between sessions.

At any time during your counselling process, you are welcome to ask any questions of us and we will commit to discussing these with you.

What do I do if I would like to make an appointment?

Contact us or email info@lifeunlimited.com.au to book an appointment.

You do not need a referral from a doctor to attend an appointment at Life Unlimited.

However, you may qualify for a referral under the “Better Access” scheme, which does require a referral from your GP.  The referral will enable you to claim a Medicare rebate on your counselling fees, and “Better Access” currently provides up to ten rebated sessions per year.  Some private health insurers may also provide rebates – please check with your fund.