Kate Diggle

Kate Diggle

Psychotherapist and Facilitator

Kate Diggle has over twenty years of corporate and counselling experience, latterly working for a number of large, international EAP companies.

She joined Life Unlimited in 2019, as a counsellor and facilitator. A qualified psychotherapist and trainer, Kate provides insightful and unique interventions for individuals and workplaces that combine professional and personal development. In the counselling area, Kate specialises in working with couples and families. She is a warm and practical therapist and offers useful and creative strategies to assist clients to move forward in their lives.

In the corporate and training space, Kate’s extensive career experience in both Government and private sector environments compliment her natural ability to adapt to and work effectively in a wide range of environments.

Kate is a popular facilitator with great communication skills; her style is down to earth, honest and enjoyable. She presents engaging and dynamic workshops in well-being and resilience, stress management, managing change, mental health first aid and mental health at work.